Omyride Sharing Company Is a Fast Growing and Excelling Entity That Has Made a Significant Stand in The Industry

OMYride is offering ease of travel to the people and making their daily commute as convenient as possible


Omyride Company in Canada

Waiting times for transportation and long commutes have become a big problem in North America, CA. And we can observe the dissatisfaction in people. According to studies, shorter commute times make people happier and healthier. When it comes to how we commute, the ride-sharing industry has changed our lives. It has expanded rapidly in recent years and will continue to be a part of our everyday lives.

Operations of Omyride

Omyride is a ride-hailing service that uses an app to allow passengers to sign up for and book rides with drivers in their own vehicles. Our main goal is to provide exceptional customer support while also establishing meaningful relationships with the communities we serve. Omyride is committed to rewarding its consumers and drivers with rewards. We recognize the challenges customers face in deciding which company is best suited to their needs.

Benefits of Omyride

Sign up today. With easy rides, you will get excellent incentives in return as well, such as free trips, Omyride video and social media cash prize contests, referral bonus pool for customers, and performance bonus pool for the drivers. And you can get lots more with OMYride.

Why Choose Us

With great pride, it has come to attention that Omyride has been considered a strong nominee to take the title of the Best Canadian Ride-Sharing Company! This Canadian Ride-Sharing Companyhas grown much extensively since its incorporation. Omyride has grown not only as an entity due to the widespread operations that it has taken up across Canada but mainly due to the exceptional services that it has been giving out to its customers. Omyride has offered excellent Customer Support and successful Ride Services that are Affordable and ensure that each of their drivers are obligated to offer each client the utmost respect.

Omyride is not just considered but has proven to offer the most Affordable Ride-Sharing Services across Canada!


OMYride has comprehensive regulations, procedures, protocols, terms, and agreements in place to ensure its drivers’ and customers’ safety.



We care for our people’s protection; therefore, OMYride passengers and drivers are fully protected by our insurance.


Trained Drivers

OMYride drivers must follow our stringent safety requirements with a licensed mechanic shop and pass all mechanical health checks before driving the engine.


Rewards & incentives

We have our incentives program to help our customers enjoy the ride with convenience, and drivers can be more efficient due to performance-based rewards.


Our Application

Simply install the application and enter the required information. A few steps, and you can set up your account.

01 Budget-friendly ride

02 Efficient and friendly staff

03 Time-Saving ride

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