OE Pledge Coin

Each pillar of the OE Pledge coin represents a different aspect of our environment. Purchasing this coin enables you to become a certified member of our cause and commitment to transform the environment.

This coin represents the Power of One, which implies 1 ocean, 1 environment, 1 planet, and 1 Pledge. We are eager to improve our ecosystem through better environmental practices, cleanup, and the discontinued use of plastic bags.

Omyride will plant a tree for every OE pledge purchased and made with the hope of being the first to plant one million trees to help save the environment. Omyride is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through financing green energy projects and educational initiatives.

We are convinced that with our motivation and zeal, we will be able to convince approximately 1,000,000 consumers to stop using plastic bags and accompany us in our mission to spread eco-friendly practices by using reusable shopping bags by 2026.


  • Each coin is delivered to the customer via mail in a velvet box.
  • The coin comes with a certificate that verifies your pledge.
  • The size of the coin is 3 inches.